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Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Transitions (MSc. SET)

The multi-disciplinary program is designed to equip practitioners, policymakers and civil society with the capacity to develop and implement energy systems that promote transition to clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy in Africa.

The program adopts a student-centred approach and combine theory and practice through classroom lectures, laboratory sessions and an option of an internship or capstone project to facilitate transfer of the required skills and experience.

The course is suited for individuals in the field of Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Environmental Science and graduates in science related disciplines who want to develop solutions for the sustainable energy transition that are relevant for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Program duration: 2 years

Program structure: 6 trimesters: 3 trimesters of coursework (year 1); 1 trimester of Industry Internship/Capstone Project; 2 trimesters of dissertation

Program contact: Dr. Julius Butime

Website: MSc. SET

  • Strathmore University – University Partner

Strathmore University – University Partner