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We create energy models that can determine the energy independence of a city based on renewable resources.

STAR Energy Model

STAR stands for Space, Time and Renewables. The STAR Energy Model is an affordable and reliable system to determine a community, city or region’s capacity for energy independence based on local renewable resources. Communities benefit from the information generated by the STAR Energy Model by easily building scientifically quantified scenarios for a secure, sustainable and prosperous future.

Renewable Liechtenstein - Erneuerbares Liechtenstein

Renewable Liechtenstein models the current and future energy consumption of the Principality as well as the potentials of the country and its municipalities to become more efficient in the use of energy and to generate renewable energy. The Renewable Liechtenstein model is today used interactively for the energetic planning of the country and its municipalities.

We deliver market and value chain analyses and create integrated design, infrastructure, social and economic development plans.


Ibada Ahmed

Ms. Ibada Ahmed is a Venture Capitalist, Investor and SGD’s champion, and a seasoned Finance and investment expert in the international and African market place. Ibada’s vision is to see a world that can be and should be, in matters of Private Entrepreneurship, Ending Global Poverty, Food security and improved standards of living for the bottom billions. She continues to support private entrepreneurship in Africa, provide smart solutions in feeding Africa and raising grants for innovation; while speaking for marginalised women and driving women inclusion agenda and equal pay with national governments.

We deliver market and value chain analyses and create integrated design, infrastructure, social and economic development plans.

Integrated and Multi-level Energy models for the Alpine Space

IMEAS aims at creating a new integrated approach and common tools to enhance the ability of Public Administrations, agencies and other institutions to plan integrated and sustainable energy policies and to select the right measures and instruments to implement them.

Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets

The project GREENCYCLE aims to introduce the system of circular economy (replace linear) as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies and provide additional 2-4% greenhouse emission reduction to the partner cities.

CESBA Alpine Space Sustainable Territories

The CESBA Alpine Project (CESBA Alpine Space – Sustainable Territories) of the European Spatial Co-operation Program “Alpine Space” is a transnational project in spatial planning aimed at defining Alpine guidelines for the sustainability of the territories and of their built environment.