Time is of the essence for sustainable development and resilience: we make the rapid deployment of regenerative infrastructure work.


We are active in four programmatic modes:


We prepare sustainable design and development projects and rapid regenerative infrastructure strategies in and for communities, cities and regions.


We are a competent and experienced partner in local, regional, European and global research programs and projects.


We provide active project support, networks, resources, facilitation, engagement and referral.


We develop and manage sustainability events, conferences, communication campaigns, publications and training programs.



We at Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development help prepare private and public entities to become more resilient to climatic, energetic and economic changes. We guide their transformation in a manner, which increases both the ecological and economic value of their infrastructure to mitigate against and adapt to climate change. We develop urban and regional energy master plans and provide sustainability advice on urban development projects. A particularly important aspect of our work is geared towards effective strategic and operational large-scale urban development advice.


We formed in response to a global recognition that major planetary indicators point not only to a necessary transformation in human settlement development and search for rapid strategies in fighting climate change tipping points and biodiversity collapse but also to the need to strengthen factors critical for human civilisation, its prosperity, innovation and development.

We recognise that isolated sustainable approaches are prone to slow uptake, errors and even failure. It pursues Rapid Regenerative Infrastructure Deployment (RRID) by integrating science, engineering, economics and finance with city, regional and infrastructure design, community planning and development.



We work for cities, towns, regional organisations, international aid bodies and private companies focused on the business of sustainable urban and regional development. Each project, every initiative is pursued with meticulous care, energy and attention to the need of client organisations, companies and communities. We do not apply standard techniques: each approach is custom tailored to specific needs and objectives, using global best practice and expertise.

Local and international experts form our core, provide guidance and leadership. They work together in sourcing and managing projects, based on tailored agreements. Our experts have worked with regions, cities and towns, local, state and national governments, the IEA, IPCC, UNDP, UNECE, UN Habitat and a number of other international organisations.


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