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Master of Science in Sustainable Energy & Energy Access (MSc. SE-EA)

This programme represents a unique opportunity for students and professionals with a scientific, business and/or technical background to:

  • Acquire full knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of energy access and regulation in the clean energy sector;
  • Gain essential competencies in clean energy technologies and systems, and skills in planning and management of energy projects.
  • Develop practical capabilities in innovative technological intervention towards enhancing global energy access.
  • Develop entrepreneurial and management skills as a basis for job creation and socio-economic development

Program duration: 2 years

Program structure: 2 semesters coursework (semester-long courses), 2 semesters (Year 2) for dissertation

Program contact: Prof. Augustino Makokha

Website: MSc. SE-EA, Moi University

  • Moi University – University Partner
    2021 Liechtenstein REED TEA-LP Scholarship Recipients

Moi University – University Partner