Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development with support by the Government of Liechtenstein is pleased to provide its support in the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) program at selected universities across Africa, in keeping with a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals – including #7: affordable and clean energy for all.

LISD is dedicated to the integration and proliferation of renewable energy in infrastructure, urban and regional development internationally. Its scholarship is supported by the Government of Liechtenstein’s international development program.

TEA-LP builds the human capital to increase sustainable access to energy for all across Africa. It is funded by UK Aid, currently supporting eight African universities in the development of post-graduate curricula for sustainable energy access. Web site:

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP & Mekelle University, Ethiopia

In 2020, call for applications was made to support pre-selected students in the Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Engineering programme at Mekelle University.

The three final recipients was awarded with the scholarship on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, commitment to community renewable energy access in Ethiopia as well as contribution to cultural and social diversity goals. They will be supported by an annual stipend to complete the programme within two years.

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

2020 Recipients

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

Abraham Mezgebe Fanta

Abraham Mezgebe graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSc.) from Mekelle University, Ethiopia in 2019, with a final year thesis based on the design of vertical rotary car parking systems. He has completed an internship specialising in heavy duty construction machinery where he was able to design and develop a high torque dual spindle nut runner system. His interests lie in the design and product development field, in particular the design and manufacture of sustainable energy source systems that are simple to install, fabricate and transport. In 2021, he is an intern at LISD.

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

Smret Demewez Hagos

Smret Demewez received a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Her final thesis project was based on the generation of electricity from solid waste in Mekelle City. She has practical experience in mechanical components for vertical water tanks; hydraulic scissor jacks and completed a semester project on suspension systems for city buses. She has special interest in studying ways to generate energy from unwanted materials that are found from the immediate surroundings. Her wider focus is on sustainable energy in the rural areas of Ethiopia by introducing solar energy, modified solar injeria baking and solar generator for irrigation purposes.

Liechtenstein REED/TEA-LP Scholarship Program

Kenedy Hailekiros Asefa

Kenedy Hailekiros completed a BSc. degree in Mechanical Engineering (Design Focus Area) at Aksum University, Ethiopia in 2018. His final thesis was based on the design and testing of horizontal axis wind turbines. He gained practical experience at an industrial company MIE in Mekelle, Ethiopia, and has completed university projects studying the energy consumption of Mekelle City and gauging meteorological and renewable energy resource data. His interest lies in solving the demand and supply of energy in Ethiopia, where the expansion of decentralized energy sources (hydropower, wind and solar energy sources) will require more attention and expertise, especially in relation to energy conversion technology, integration to the national grid and feed-in tariffs.

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