LISD Academy

We are an expert group focused on the global delivery of:


Let LISD assist in your academic, professional and personal development.

We provide an innovative form of internship placement and monitoring programs that are tailored to the interests and needs of a few, carefully selected individuals each year.


Besides placement in one of our core projects on the basis of availability there is also the possibility of one of the following advanced modes:


  • LISD Active Internship placement in select organisational, institutional, field or corporate settings, responding to various interests, but always actively monitored and guided by us;
  • more interactive LISD Embedded Practitioner experiences whereby we place, connect and tutor exceptional candidates in a cooperative venture with the host setting;
  • LISD Remote Personal Tutorials, broadly or specifically informing and guiding individual research and practical work, and/or inquiries and publications on line, by telephone and regular face-to-face meetings, on an need basis;
  • LISD Reverse Internships that allow us to more intensely respond to and engage with the activities and requirements of individuals already on a career, project or mission path.

We have several conferences in preparation:


  • the European Green Australia Summit on 10 Novermber 2017 in Berlin, Germany; and
  • the European Green India Summit on 19 June 2018 in Switzerland.

Conference engagement is a great way to learn the art and business of event management, get to know many professionals and academics quickly, and grow your own networks.



Project H.O.M.E: LISD habitability projects on Mars and Earth. LISD conducts from 2014 into 2018 a series of projects exploring fundamental issues of terrestrial habitability on its multi-year project ‘Habitability of Mars and Earth (H.O.M.E)’.


H.O.M.E commenced in 2014 with a collaborative design investigation with the University of Liechtenstein and Liquife Systems Group, Vienna as well as the European Space Technology Centre (ESTEC) at the Europen Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands. We explored realistic yet creative scenarios and habitation pathways to facilitate a colony of 1’000 over a period of 10 years. The key mission was to understand the requirements for totally regenerative and habitability building settlements on earth: greenhouse gas sequestering, pollution managing, oxygen producing, biodiversity / volume enhancing and entirely renewable energy powered houses, buildings, towns, cities and regions.

STUDIO EARTH: Lausitz im Wandel / Lusatia in Transition

We searched for and identified one of the most destructive of the many planet killing machines active today: the 3-Gigawatt brown coal combustion and associated mining fields of Jänschwalde in the Brandenburg region of Lusatia near Berlin, Germany. The focus was of finding strategies to end brown coal mining and power conversion, and to regenerate region, area and power station into life regenerating, prosperity enhancing, carbon sequestering, oxygen producing, biological diversity and vitality enhancing, ground and surface water rehabilitating settlements, landscape strategies and economic development programs. Collaboration and support by Green Liga, Protestant Church, Cottbus Chamber of Commerce, Spreewald Foundation and others

Studio Lusatia Community Workshop

We conducted participatory design workshops with local communities, businesses, government and non-governmental organisations, to envision sustainable plans for the region of Lusatia.

We publish literature on sustainable urban development and renewable cities.


100% Renewable Energy and Beyond for Cities

This document sketches out the options and the processes that have started to transform urban energy systems and that will power our cities in the very near future.

Climate Design

Climate change and dwindling global resources are challenging the professional practice, demanding new design and planning approaches that achieve more with less. This rich volume for designers, architects, planners, policy makers and academics alike explores the current paradigm shift and illustrates how new thinking can convert investments in urban infrastructure, land use and development into resilient and enduring support systems for human and environmental prosperity.

100 Percent Renewable: Energy Autonomy in Action

Current practice, projects and plans for companies, individuals, communities, cities and countries determined to be entirely independent from fossil fuel and nuclear power.

Urban Energy Transition: From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Power

This compendium of 28 chapters presents perspectives that are both local and international in scope and relevance: perspectives from 18 countries in both the developed and developing world.

The Renewable City: A comprehensive guide to an urban revolution

This is a guide to an unprecedented urban transformation, squarely focused on action. It is built on successful urban sustainability trends, emerging infrastructure directions, renewable energy applications and related new approaches to urban planning and the design of cities.

Regenerative Räume: Leitbilder und Praktiken nachhaltiger Raumentwicklung

(in German) Regenerative Spaces: Guiding principles and practices of sustainable spatial development